The PBT Advantage

PBT offers a broad selection of Large Group health insurance plans to members of CMS, ISMS, their families, and their employees. A Large Group consists of 51 or more eligible employees. These plans offer uncompromising quality, flexibility and value. In addition, PBT also offers Medicare Supplement plans to members and their spouses.

Physicians' Benefits Trust Life Insurance Company's (PBTLIC) plans are comprehensive and cost-efficient insurance plans that are designed exclusively to meet the needs of your group practice. All plans are insured by PBT - a wholly owned subsidiary of ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company.


Physicians' Benefits Trust is very pleased to offer an endorsed Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan from Express Scripts. This plan is available to all current PBT Medicare Supplement insureds. The plan formulary is robust and includes the most commonly prescribed medications. It offers an expansive pharmacy network, and Express Scripts pharmacists are available to answer your medication questions 24/7.

ISMS Members call: 1-800-621-0748, prompt #3

Click HERE to visit the Express Scripts website

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Health Insurance for Large Employer Groups

Attention Insureds enrolled in PBT's HSA - Qualified High Deductible Plan: For information on this year's Individual and Family contribution limits, please click here.


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Click HERE to explore the Express Scripts website for PBT's endorsed Medicare Part D Plan.